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Dated: June 20 2020

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Have you been thinking about buying or selling and just aren't sure if the time is right? The market is telling us NOW is the TIME!

If you are considering listing your home, houses are flying off the market. Inventory is low, giving sellers a great opportunity to get their home sold very quickly. Marketing is extremely important, having a trusted REALTOR® is everything, one that will market your home to get it sold as quickly as possible. There have been many situations where multiple offers are being made in all price points. Houses are not sitting on the market, even in these uncertain times. Now IS the time to list. 

Statistics show that houses on average are selling more quickly. The median number of days in the Lake Norman Area is 37 in May 2020, which is down from 3 years ago at which it was 45 day in January of 2017. This is incredible being all that is going on in our world today. Look at the interactive graph below. 

The average home prices over a 3-year span has grown significantly as well. Why are you waiting? It is important to have an educated REALTOR® guiding you. Many times, multiple offers coming in can be exciting and yet scary. Sellers are not sure which offer to take. It is not always the highest offer on the table. One needs to look at many factors and that is when your REALTOR® does their best negotiating. What stipulations are the buyers making? What is the timeframe of the sale, the due diligence period, etc.? These are all stipulations that an expert should guide their sellers through. Numbers do not lie...

What about those of you wanting to purchase a home? Well, many of the same things apply. Because of the low inventory, you too, need a well-trusted REALTOR, one that knows how to negotiate well for you. You need someone that will guide you in the right direction with what is and what is not a fair offer. You need someone that is willing to go the extra mile and willing to work odd hours to get offers in as quickly as possible when time is of the essence. You need a REALTOR® that you can rely on to help get your inspections completed, appraisals and other pertinent things that have impact on your due diligence period once your offer is accepted. After that is all taken care of you will need a skilled person to take care of the rest of negotiations to get any repairs made on the house had anything arose in inspections. This takes care and skill and you want someone you feel comfortable with and that you can trust.

Take advantage of the low-interest rates that are here now. We never know how long those will last and that adds to the reasons why it is a great time to buy. If you need to sell to purchase, chances are your property will sell quickly. These are all reasons that tell us it is as much a buyer’s market as it is a seller’s market.

I love educating clients as my former background as a teacher comes into play here. I never want clients to make mistakes with one of the largest purchases and emotional times in their lives.

People ask why not just sell on their own in a hot market? I can tell you that in the long run you may lose money. Do you know how to negotiate multiple offers? Are you advertising and marketing enough to get the highest and best offer available? Are you ready to keep up with the CDC recommendations in these uncertain times? Are you available to hold open houses and do you feel it is safe to have “strangers” walking through your home without representation? All these factors are real and without a REALTOR, they are things that FSBO’s should be thinking strongly about.

I hope you gained some useful knowledge and continue to Follow Along… with me as I provide you with different tips and news in the Real Estate market.

Pilar Carroll


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